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Zac Klassen

Over the course of the last year at Bloomingdale Mennonite Church, I have been encouraged by the many and diverse ways that God has been present and at work in our congregation. God has been present in the laughter shared over a zoom call, through prayers and words of blessing shared over the phone, through Sunday worship both in-person and online, and through the beauty of outdoor walks. God has been at work in homes filled with children doing remote school, in child care centers providing support to families that work outside the home, and in long-term care homes. God has been at work in restaurants, universities, and in homeless shelters. In all these ways and so many more, I have been encouraged by God's presence and work in the lives of our congregation as we live as the hands and feet of Jesus in the complex realities of work and home life during this pandemic.
*Zac has been pastoring at Bloomingdale Mennonite since August 2021. He was formally installed as pastor on January 16th, 2022.