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December 2022

We meet Sundays in-person and online at 9:45am. During the Summer, there will be no separate children's church or adult study hour. If you would like to join us online, please contact us for the zoom link. Check back on this page for updates regarding future worship services.
Advent 2022: Restoration is Near
Advent and Christmas are active seasons. Advent itself
means “coming.” The primary actor is God, emptying
Godself and being born in human likeness. But
humans have their share of action in the stories
surrounding Christ’s birth: angel visits, travel, pilgrimage, and
escape. And we are active in our time too: longing, seeking,
reconciling. In these weeks of Advent and Christmas, together
we will cry out for restoration. We will watch for restoration
to take place among us. We will join in the restoration process
with all creation. (From Menno Media's Leader Worship Resources)

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