Advent Prayer Stations Mini-Retreat

Come, enjoy a quiet, contemplative time reflecting, resting and praying.
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  • Welcome to our mini retreat!

    Take whatever time you need to meditate on some of the characters in the biblical story

  • Mary 1

    Imagine yourself as Mary, a young teen engaged to be married - how do you feel when the angel greets you? Why?

  • Mary 2

    How do you get from "How can this be?" to "Let it be"?

  • Mary 3

    God says, "You are the light of the world." How might God be calling you to birth God's light this season?

  • Joseph station

    Joseph 1

    Imagine yourself as Joseph - why do you decide to divorce her quietly?

  • Joseph station

    Joseph 2

    Why does the angel's message (Do not be afraid, I am at work in this situation) change your mind?

  • Joseph 3

    Is there an area in your life where you are being called to let God work through you?

  • Shepherd station

    Shepherds 1

    Imagine yourself as one of the shepherds to whom the angels appear - What are your thoughts and feelings?

  • Shepherds 2

    God uses ordinary people to spread the Good News of Jesus. Who are the shepherds in your life?

  • Shepherds 3

    Whom might God be calling you to shepherd (to share God's love and compassion)?

  • Magi station

    Magi 1

    Imagine yourself as one of the Magi - What is motivating you to go on this journey?

  • Magi 2

    The Magi worship the baby gifts and gave expensive gifts - How will you worship the Christ-child this season?

  • Magi 3

    How will you incorporate the story of Christmas into your gift-giving?

  • Herod station

    Herod 1

    Imagine yourself as King Herod - a group of foreign wisemen come asking about the King of the Jews. What is your response? Why?

  • Herod station

    Herod 2

    What do you have in common with Herod?

  • Herod station

    Herod 3

    When have you tried to protect what you believed was yours (property, status, opinions)?

  • Angel station

    Angels 1

    Have you ever heard the message to Zechariah - "Do not be afraid, your prayer has been heard"?

  • Angels 2

    Have you heard God's message to Mary, "Do not be afraid, you are special to God and God is going to bless the world through you."

  • Angels 3

    Have you heard God's message to the shepherds, "Do not be afraid, I am bringing you good news!"

  • Angels 4

    Have you heard God's message to Joseph, "Do not be afraid, I am at work in this situation."

  • Angels 5

    Loving God, in the midst of my ordinary everyday life may I be open to your message, may I see Jesus among us.

  • Angels 6

    Imagine yourself as a messenger from God - to whom might you bring the message, "Do not be afraid, God is with you"?

  • Expectations 1

    themes of the nativity stories also touch our deepest human yearnings. Jewish community held many varied expectations for the in-breaking of God’s kingdom on earth through a Messiah.

  • Expectations 2

    Bring to mind one or two expectations you hold for Christmas this year (are they hope-filled or dread-filled?)

  • Expectations 3

    Take a seed and hold it. Ask God to open your spirit to God’s Spirit. What hope, tiny as it may be, might God want to plant within you this Christmas?

  • Expectations 4

    When you are ready, release the seed by planting it in the soil. Let the seed represent your ‘letting go’ of your expectations and your willingness to wait for God’s hope to blossom within you instead.

“Things great have small beginnings.
Every downpour is just a raindrop;
every fire is just a spark;
every harvest is just a seed;
every journey is just a step because
without that step there will be no journey;
without that raindrop there can be no shower;
Without that seed there can be no harvest.”
William Wilberforce


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